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  • Master Blaster


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    £12 for 200 paintballs. Ideal for kids and first time paintballers....If there are only a couple of you playing then this is the Go Ballistic paintball package for you. 'MASTER BLASTER` costs just £12 and you get 200 paintballs. There's no restriction on group size for this package.

  • Big Gun


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    £24 for 400 paintballs. For just £24, you'll get 400 paintballs. This package is ideal for a half day because you'll have more than enough paintballs to make the session go with a real bang!

  • Annihilation


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    £36 for 600 paintballs. For the bargain price of £36.00, we'll supply you with 600 paintballs. 'ANNIHILATION' is perfect for a full day's play because you'll have more than enough ammunition.

  • Armageddon


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    £60 for 1000 paintballs. As the name suggest, 'ARMAGEDDON' is Go Ballistic's premier paintball package! For just £60.00, we'll supply you with 1000 paintballs. 'ARMAGEDDON' is the only option if you're the sort of paintballer who just loves to play hard!