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Bath Avon Paintball

site Introduction

Welcome to the premier Paintball Site in Bath Avon When your helicopter falls into enemy hands, it's up to you to lead a crack team of soldiers to recapture it. This mission's going to take guile, strategy, teamwork and paint.

This is just one of the many power-packed scenarios you'll be able to act out in our extraordinary facility. Our unique game zone layout means that multiple action games can be carried out simultaneously. Each zone has been expertly designed to a high standard of cleanliness and safety. You and your mates will be rescuing generals, capturing fuel depots, ambushing military convoys, protecting your fort and much more!.

It's every action man and woman's dream and it's available to up to 200 players at a time.

Our fantastic venue can be found mid-way between Bath and Bristol and we have top class transport links that make us readily accessible from all over the South West. We are close to the M5 Motorway and the site itself can be easily reached via the A39 and A368.

  • Min age is 10
  • Packages start from £7.50pp
  • All equipment is included
  • Site type

Paintball Equipment Fully prepared for battle...

Get your next action fix as you go head to head with the enemy. Provided with all the equipment that you need to let your inner soldier shine through, you’ll be fully prepared to tackle any mission thrown your way!

Paintball Gun

Tippman 98 Semi Automatic. Rate of Fire:up to 7 shots per second. Velocity:- 206mph

Face Mask

Scott Extreme Safety System. Specifically designed for high speed projectiles


Protective overalls and a battle pack; valuables pouch and capacity for 300 rounds of ammunition.


Holds up to 200 rounds. Gravity feed.

Free Gas

High pressure CO2 cylinder 20oz of pressurised liquid propellant.

Paint Grenade*

High explosive paint filled device. Do not store in pocket**

Smoke Bomb*

Produces thick white or coloured smoke screen. Burns for approx.1 minute.**

N/B Actual equipment supplied / available may vary from venue to venue. Descriptions are for illustrative purposes only. *Additional Item. **Smoke bombs are pyrotechnic devices and as such are not available to players under the age of 18 years old.

Venue Ref: 6987-1