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A smashing 69 acre war zone, with 10 unbelievable game zones. You and your mates will tackle a series of paint-blasting, rollercoaster mission scenarios, blowing up forts, capturing bridges, ambushing convoy's and even battling your way through a purpose-built graveyard.

For the ultimate in heart-pounding, paint-powered adventure don't miss the action at Abergele paintball.

There are 10 riveting battlefields to explore at this facility, each with its own stunning theme and mission scenario. Travel to the year 2040 in the futuristic Water Valve game, in which two teams will blast each other to smithereens for control of the water supply during a worldwide shortage. Or why not venture deep into the darkness of our purpose-built graveyard and do battle among the hearses, graves and coffins, and just try not to end up inside one.

The electrifying thrills come thick and fast, and so do the paintballs. Do not miss out.

Junction 24a off the west bound carriageway of the A55.

We are 25 mins from Chester, 35 from Wrexham, and 45 mins from South Manchester and Liverpool.

Full directions will follow upon confirmation of your booking.

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    Serving Clwyd

    This paint splattered war zone features 86 acres of woodland, divided into 10 explosive game areas, such as The Airfield, The Bunker and Vietnam. Throughout each exciting zone you'll compete in fast and fun combat simulations, blasting balls of paint at your enemies as you aim to complete each mission. We'll provide everything you need to take part, and specialise in delivering an exciting combat package for corporate events and private parties.



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